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Posted on 04/15/2024
No-closing-cost refinance pros & cons
Refinancing your home can have a plethora of benefits....
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Posted on 03/04/2024
How to get a good mortgage rate: Compare carefully
If you’re trying to find the best possible mortgage rate,...
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Posted on 07/17/2023
What buyers should know about bridge loans
Like traditional mortgages, bridge loans are commonplace in...
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Posted on 12/26/2022
Home financing: Are mortgage points worth it?
When considering the myriad choices for home financing,...
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Posted on 11/07/2022
The pros and cons of mortgage points
When buying a home, many homebuyers tend to search for the best mortgage interest rates available. While some may find that perfect rate, others may opt to take advantage of lender-provided options, such as mortgage points. Mortgage points are designed to help buyers bring down their interest rates by paying them ahead of time. Sometimes considered “discount points,”...
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